Saturday, September 22, 2012

We're home from another 11 hour day at the new house.   Phew! 

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining because we're really enjoying being out there and putting our own work into the house.   

The stressful part comes from trying to stay ahead of the crew and yet be out of their way.  It's hard to square the fact that they need us to do certain things but aren't giving us the time or space to get it done.   

Baseboard Detail:  A double angular cap.  (Poplar wood trim in bedrooms will be painted)
Today had us doing a bit of everything:  painting, sealing, caulking, puttying nail holes, staining, cleaning etc.   
Side porch Kitchen door

Our division of labor is that Joe handles the bulk of the physical work 
(moving wood, setting up etc) and is the "roller-man" 
while I do do everything that involves a brush 
plus anything that requires a bit of precision.  

Oh and then there's the all-important supervisory part of our team....
Atta has had company for the past two weeks 
since for some reason cute little Murphy wasn't invited to go with Barb and Rich 
on their trip to Australia!  

Look!!  We're getting rid of the temporary stairs and are on our way to a real staircase!!!

We took our lunch break out on the porch 
and had some live entertainment....

I can't wait to live there!!  

I don't think I've mentioned that our rental home has been leased 
to a new family beginning November 1st 
so we're "out on the street" at the end of October.

The push is on!!  


  1. oh my goodness! 5 weeks to go! lordy! get atta and her friend a brush and a hammer! :)

    i know you're excited, though. i sure would be!

  2. You are soooo going to dig living in your new digs! I can see the progress since visiting you... nice that Atta has a friend for a while. That made me smile!


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