Friday, September 21, 2012

Sealing and Sanding

Before I fall into bed, I wanted to get off a quick post. 

It's all about staining, sanding and sealing this week!

All of the oak trim needed to be tweaked... meaning sanded and resealed.  

Door casings, jambs, crown, baseboard.... you name it. 
Baseboard cap detail
We've got about six balls in the air right now though and can't concentrate solely on the oak.

The fir rafters for the kitchen arrived from Vancouver.

We had get them shipped all the way from Canada in order to find kiln dried pieces in the right dimensions)

The ceiling was marked and the lumber was painstakenly cut and notched by Pat our lead carpenter.

Then all 29 of them were turned over to me out in the garage to stain and seal.  

3 coats of Watco Dark Walnut later....

I'm now beginning the process of wiping on thin layers of poly.

Joe has been moving and schlepping the beams for me 
and he may have to visit the chiropractor pretty soon!  

It's time for my Aleve nightcap!  


  1. you guys are surely putting your own sweat into this home. :)

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!! All the work you're putting in staining and sealing your woodwork ahead of time is SO worth the effort. It will make for a much better job. I'm so excited for you!

  3. Well this is all exciting -- sans the need for chiropractor and Alleve!!


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