Friday, September 28, 2012

Kitchen Rafters!

I promised an update on the greatest change this week....

You know those rafters that I've been staining and sealing?  

They were hung in the kitchen this week!

Architect Kevin Harris hit another home run 
with both the design and scale.  

For my part, I'm pleased as can be with the color that I worried over for days.  

I tried out four different stains, 
gave a fleeting thought to pickling, 
and was close to choosing a really dark Espresso solid stain
before I switched gears and tried this oil finish in Dark Walnut.  

The stripes on the ceiling are where I taped over Pat's chalk lines
so that Joe could roll the ceilings first coat without covering up the reference marks. 

The timber framing and exposed rafters 
on the back and front porches are structural, 
but not the kitchen rafters.  

So it looks like a magic act in there now with the rafters bolted into place 
and seemingly hanging in mid air without a central ridge beam.  

The three ridge pieces are a few days behind in the finishing process, 
but will be ready to start sanding and poly-ing tomorrow. 

What a kitchen!!!  I'm psyched!!!


  1. that's going to be beautiful! the color you chose is rich and warm. :)

  2. Oh my gosh you have certainly hit a home run with your choices. Your house is amazing!! Can't wait to see the end result.

  3. Holy canoli !!! I'd be psyched too!!!

  4. Bet you can hardly wait until you are working in this kitchen, which looks too beautiful even without being completed. As much as we enjoy cooking and redid the kitchen area in this old house, your new one is simply amazing just from the ceiling views, Grace. Like everyone else, I am awaiting the rest of this project in photos.

  5. I love the color of this stain, glows with warmth and charm. Just wait til you cook your first meal in that kitchen, oh what fun! It is all fabulous!!

  6. What a piece of furniture on the ceiling! You and Joe are awesome clients. It makes my week every time I view the progress made on your wonderful home. I can not wait to enjoy touring the finished product!

  7. Love the stain color on your beams too!... and really, your kitchen is just a beautiful thing... makes it so much nicer to spend the time we usually are working in there :-)

  8. This is Patti Cambre I worked for Joe for several years. Just wanted to say look forward to your blog to see how things are coming. your home is beautiful. Love the doggie paw shower. Looks like You and Joe found a peace of heaven on earth. Happy for you both.


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