Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alive and Painting!

Goodness but I'm a failure at being a blogger lately!

But the good news is that I'm a pretty darn good painter!

After getting a text from our sweet California son asking if we'd fallen off a cliff, 
followed by a plaintive email the next day asking if we'd driven into a ditch, 
I believe that I'd better surface long enough to allay all fears that we've met our demise!

We're working until late each evening and then falling into bed in a stupor.

Priming, staining, sanding and sealing are the words in my vocabulary these days.  

Want an update on the house progress?  

We'll ignore the disaster for now (yes, there's been one) but it's a small town and we need a little distance from the problem before posting about it. 

All's well with the crew and also Tom our GC though so don't think that we're on our own here!  

There are racks of stained wood everywhere.  

To avert repeating the train wreck of what happened with our doors
every piece is being stained with the oil based stain, 
sealed with a coat of Zinsser Sealcoat and is now getting a coat of satin poly.... slowly but surely.  

Dealing with quartersawn oak makes this more like finishing furniture than just slapping poly on and calling it a "paint job" or at least it is to us since we paid for the wood! 

The master bedroom door is the first one where we've gotten to see the oak trim around the frame.
It looks like a 100 year old house and is smashingly beautiful.  

I defy anyone not to stroke the door frames when they come visit!!

Splurging on tile was a given from the very beginnings of my design thoughts about the house.  

The tile work is in various stages of near completion 
since Fernando keeps getting shuffled from one part of the house to another
(I know just how he feels....
staying away from the carpentry crew is a constant battle)

The basement hall bathroom has a shower with a wood look tile
(which is nowhere near as orange as this shot with the flash makes it appear!)

And be still my heart because the laundry room 

went from Schluter Ditra orange (the underlayment for the floor) 
to stunning green after Fernando laid the Terrazo tiles.

I've been priming poplar for downstairs trim and sealing oak plus I'm staining windows this week.  
I've done the huge single window in the laundry room.  
Atta enjoyed the unobstructed view while the window was out of it's frame drying!

And I'm mostly finished with the three in the mud room. 

They still lack the sealcoat and the first coat of satin poly but that's on my agenda for this morning.

The view from the mud room window makes it all worthwhile!

 Joe left for the house early this morning 
and is probably having a coronary because I'm not there yet 
so it's time to hit the publish button 
and go breathe some paint fumes!


  1. You're making progress I see. How wonderful that soon you will be able to enjoy the view out those windows on a permanent basis each day!

  2. i'm worn out just looking at these photos. i am sorry there was a serious problem!

  3. OOOH those VIEWS!!!!... Soon they will be -everyday- views.

  4. Somewhere I read...three times as much money and twice as long as you think it'll take. I'm not sure that right might be four times as much money and three times as long! The house is fabulous and the views breathtaking!

  5. It's coming along great, notwithstanding the whatever. I LOVE the wood.

  6. Grace, all is forgiven and you should know that fellow bloggers don't expect that you could find time to blog with all that you and Joe are doing to get your house completed ASAP. Thanks so much for sharing the continuing progress and to echo other's comments, this will be one beautiful place to be looking out at those views! We are so looking forward to meeting you and Joe on our upcoming Blue Ridge road trip, but we are leaving our paint brushes at home!

  7. So much work! Wow! But the views are tremendous. I would love to feel those doors.
    The stonework is also gorgeous. I love that photo of your Attagirl looking out the window! Good luck with the continuing work. Soon the surroundings are going to be putting on such a show for you, you may have trouble concentrating on the work. The Blue Ridge in Autumn will be incredible!!!

  8. Wow, it's really coming along. One day soon you will move in and be able to breathe in a sigh of relief. It looks wonderful.


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