Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Year in VA

It was a year ago today today 
that I closed the door to my much loved home in Louisiana 
and began the drive to Virginia and our new life here.

It's funny how life is full of twists and turns.

When am I ever going to learn that I can't predict the future?

A year ago, I didn't let myself consider that in September 2012,
I'd still be mostly packed 
and not moved into the new house.

I imagined that I'd be volunteering for CASA or some other organization by now, 
but it turns out that my free time is nil until we get settled.  
And that includes time for riding our much neglected horses.

We rarely bump into acquaintances that I thought we'd see a lot of after moving here, 
but we've made wonderful new friends in unexpected ways.

Though things are different from the predictions of the crystal ball that I always try to peer through, 
I couldn't be happier with the life that I'm living after a year here in Virginia.  

Our move has been everything that we'd hoped for and more.  

Now its back to the salt mines and another 11 hour day of painting and prep work at the new house!

Life here in Paradise is sublime....
Even with the paint fumes!


  1. wow. that year went fast! i remember that farewell post from last year! God speed to you on the house finishing!

  2. Yes, it certainly was a fast year, Grace, but when I look at your blog and see your beautiful new home being built, it's easy to see whynyounare so excited about the future. I missed a few days of blog reading and just caught up with the recent work at the new house. Yikes your rental lease is up at the end of Oct...sure hope you get a treat and are able to move to your house.

  3. A YEAR already!... oh, but look how far you've come! And what a glorious house to come home to.

  4. Holy Cow, I can't believe it's a year!! Not much longer, surely? I know you must be so tired of the staining. But your house is going to have so much of your own energy infused into it that it will positively glow!! If I could I would bring you some beautiful mums for your porch and a big apple pie!!


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