Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's a Bookend Week?

Part of my absence from blogging last week was because we had visitors!  

Carter got a much needed break
 from the sweltering temperatures of Little Rock 
and made his first visit to our new hometown!!  

It was a rare opportunity to spend time with him 
when we weren't celebrating a holiday or family wedding 
and thus could quietly relax and visit one on one.  

We showed him a lot of the sights of the county, 
including of course the new house but we kept a few in reserve for future visits!

We ate out a time or two, introduced him to some of our new friends 
and of course since he's a fisherman, he tried out several of the local rivers.

He'd given Joe a fly rod several Christmases ago, 
but with no nearby fly-fishing in LA, 
it had never been used.  

Before hitting the river, 
they spent an hour or so out to the front yard 
for Fly Casting 101.  

Joe was a quick learner 
and Carter's experiences guiding in Alaska 
helped him be a patient teacher.  

The day after he flew back to Arkansas, 
we barely had time to wash the guest room sheets 
and we were back at the airport again!

Clark flew in for a long weekend  in order to sing at a friend's wedding! 

So it was my "bookend" week..... 
getting to see my oldest and youngest sons.

Special times!


  1. that's awesome! i'm sure it was nice to show off your new home area, too.

  2. So nice to have both of them in your new place.

    Looking forward to seeing pics of the new house.

  3. Lovely family! Nice to have them home, I bet!

  4. How wonderful for all of you! Enjoyed the casting photos.

  5. And what a wonderful family get together weekend you all had, Grace.


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