Thursday, August 2, 2012

What I Didn't Tell You About July

Last I looked, I had over 300 items to read in my Google Reader.... 
I don't think I'll ever get to them so if you haven't heard from me lately don't feel neglected!

So how about a new type of post with things that didn't make the blog during the month of July?

  • We dropped in on a few fun happenings at the VA Horse Center.... one of which was a Regional Vaulting Championship.   Think "judged circus act without the circus".... amazing!  

  • Poor Attagirl!  Two days after we put Mr. Biggs to sleep,  she went into a huge slump which got slightly better after a few weeks but never quite was her old self.  She's been diagnosed with ehrlichiosis (a tick-borne virus) and was put on a 4 week course of antibiotics.   Within days of starting treatment, her energy levels increased and the wag came back in her tail.   Shame on us for thinking that she was depressed about the loss of Biggs, but the timing was too hard to ignore.... and we were definitely dragging around and sad ourselves.  :(
  • Joe had a birthday!  We celebrated with dinner at the Southern Inn.
  • The Rockbridge Regional Fair with rides, 4H events, agricultural and home-ec displays etc was in July.  We spent a lovely evening sitting on the grass hillside watching the Draft Horse Pull.  
         Almost as exciting as watching the horses pull increasingly large loads was the fact that 
I won the tickets!  
Yes, I was "Caller #5".... 
the first time I've ever tried to call a radio station for a give away, and I won! 
Me and my free tickets!

  • The Mega-Music Party at future new neighbors the Krantz' was a blast!  Just for the joy of performing in front of friends there were 15 minute musical acts all evening from 6 pm until 11..... ranging from a precious 10 year old with his tenor recorder to violins, piano, oboe, banjo, guitar....  Such fun and so much talent.  

  • Atta has been having company this week!  Murphy has fit right into the fold while our friends Barb and Rich are visiting with family in the midwest.  Noel was less than impressed for the first few days, but has finally decided to come out of hiding and rejoin the family. 
  • We ensconced ourselves in the University Center to take advantage of their fast, free internet and watched a live as new DIL Raeanna received her white coat in a second year of med school "White Coat Ceremony."   
            I'm very proud of the newest brains in the family!   
Clark and Raeanna on their honeymoon
 Now it's on to August!!  

The house is looking awesome, the weather here is grand, VA is heaven on earth..... life is good!!


  1. oh, glad attagirl is recovering! scary! and i love watching draft horses! so gorgeous and powerful!

  2. Love the draft horses... such magnificent animals. I am so in love with your house and it's view... have I said that enough yet?

  3. Wow, close call with Atta, that would have been so scary. And it was very easy to think she was depressed instead of sick, considering the circumstances. Love the updates of all the activities you all have been doing. Those draft horses are wonderful, and you go, girl for winning those tickets! Maybe you should buy a lotto ticket....!!
    You seem to be on the homestretch now with the house...not much longer!!!

  4. Enjoyed all this catching up. Glad Atta was diagnosed and is getting better. Ticks are nasty critters for humans and animals.Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Joe and that meal looked good! Regional fairs are always the best events and lots of fun. Congrats to the DIL on her achievement. That house will be wonderful and as fellow Virginians (still) maybe we will get the chance to meet one day cause it looks like we may be around awhile longer (nothing is moving on the house sale).

  5. congratulations on the ticket win and love the horse pull. they are hugely beautiful!

  6. Guess what, we were at the Rockbridge Regional Fair, too. We were there the last night, Saturday.

    And then you were in Buchanan! Not too far away. :-)


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