Monday, August 27, 2012

We've got Garapa

Not Grappa.... that's an Italian liquor! 
But now that I think of it, 
we could've used a giant bottle of Grappa 
to smooth the edge of a stressful homebuilding hiccup
that happened over the weekend!  :) 

But no being negative.....
Here's a toast to something positive!  

The temporary decking is gone and we get to ogle our new Garapa deck boards!!
I was never tempted by the manmade vinyls, Trex etc
and I'd had my fill of splintery pressure treated wood 
that needs to be regularly sealed and stained. 

Garapa is a Brazilian hardwood
 and though it can be sealed to maintain the honey brown color, 
we'll be letting it weather naturally
and eventually it'll turn silver gray. 

I sort of wish that I had the motivation, 
and energy to try and maintain the honey color, 
but life's too short to be routinely sanding and schlepping sealer 
on several hundred feet of deck boards.

So gray it will be!
North Corner.... Awaiting the stairs
In the forums of my favorite online website for home advice, Gardenweb, 
the name that came up most often as the "go-to" guy 
for hardwood decking was 
George the owner of East Teak Hardwoods
We had a pretty big order and there were little to no "bad" boards, 
so East Teak was a Gardenweb winner!
Who's coming to visit and share a cup or glass of something on the veranda? 
I promise I'll have railings one of these days!  


  1. Oh my.... I wish I could come over and have a glass of wine with that view...
    I'm a silent follower of your blog for a while now, but today I couldn't keep quiet anymore. How I wish I could live in a place like that!! Here in the Netherlands we have no mountains and certainly no views like thát. All flat land and lots of water.
    Hope to see those kind of views though soon, in four weeks time we will be visiting the USA and travel for four weeks through the deep south.

    Well, if you ever get bored with your home I am willing to trade places ;-D

  2. It looks beautiful! Perhaps I should have considered Virginia for my hurrication!

  3. wow, that is GORGEOUS! i'd be so afraid to let it weather! i'd want it indoors!

  4. Me me! I'll come! The porch is beautiful!

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous in this color, but I agree... life is too short to maintain it and silver is actually quite nice too. Great choice!

  6. Grace, railings or not, we would come to visit and sit on your lovely deck and take in the views. The wood choice is lovely now and sure it will age just as nicely. I agree that life is too short for maintenance, which is why we replaced our old porch decking a couple of years ago, but we did use one of the synthetic products.


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