Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Porch Steps, Stoops and Fencing

We're still charging along toward our completion date of "sometime this fall"!  :)

All you can do is smile!  

And possibly make plans for eating out at Thanksgiving?  

It's looking splendid and the place was a hubbub of activity this morning when I went out for a meeting with Tom (our GC), Arthur (landscape architect) and Matt (stone mason).   

About a month ago, I threw up my hands 
and officially gave up on my version of  Rubik's cube puzzle 
which was how to tie the diagonally placed garage to the house with a fence
 so that Attagirl had a fenced area to access via the back door.  

I had mulled over the front and side steps and the garage/side door fencing until I was cross-eyed.  

As usual, I knew what I didn't want 
but was having a difficult time putting together all of the pieces of what worked.

Enter Arthur Bartenstein, a local landscape architect 
who came to the rescue. 
He blended elements of my scattered ideas and his own unscattered ones 
to create a cohesive design that seems to actually work.  

There will be some tweaks but here's the general idea .... 
and let me tell you figuring this out was/is harder than it looks!   

When I left Matt and Tom were calculating the stone needed 
for the porch surfaces, treads, risers, pedestals and cheek walls.... 
better them than me!  

Rumor is that the fir rafters for the kitchen ceiling have been shipped from Canada 
and the front door is almost ready to begin the journey from Alabama.

   All points converge in VA!


  1. slowly (to your dismay) but surely this new home is really shaping up, Grace, and what a showplace it will be when done. I do hope you will be able to give thanks in it for the holiday...and if to, a holiday gift?

  2. It looks like a fabulous solution for AttaGirl

    Keep chuggin' along my friend... keep chuggin' along. :-)

  3. How exciting! Love following along with your progress, and since you are a wee bit ahead, trying not to compare it to ours:) Those wood beams sound gorgeous..can't wait to see them in!

    1. Oh darn, your google settings have you as "no-reply" so I can't get back to you directly! You'll probably be finished before me.... this is the longest build in the history of VA (not really but it sure seems that way!

  4. I am sure you must be SO excited with anticipation because it isn't even my house and I am! It is going to be so beautiful..can't wait to see the finished product!


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