Tuesday, August 28, 2012

German Shepherd Ears on the Maury

It takes just a few minutes to drive from town to the area known as Goshen Pass 

where the Maury River flows through a gorge 
hemmed in by Little North Mountain.  

Although I wasn't fishing,  
Attagirl and I enjoyed an afternoon of mountain breezes 
and river "music" as the Maury tumbled past. 

Atta wasn't at all interested 
in watching Joe 
as he tried his hand at the art of flyfishing.

Nope, not even worrying about him one little bit.

Something downstream 
on this particular afternoon last week 
was MUCH more interesting....

And bears her constant vigilance.....

Yep, she loves Carter.....
Always has....

But that's all right Joe.  
if you just wade upstream, 

You can get in the radar ear frame too!  


  1. A dog and her boy...so sweet; perfect loyalty.

  2. oh, i love that beauty! so astute in her watch!

  3. Love how you posted this! Such love!

  4. Earlier this week I was telling someone how I used to camp on the Maury at Goshen Pass. It was private property but no one ever said anything because we always left the property as we found it. Fresh mountain trout, cooked over a campfire...lovely!
    Grace, your photos are beautiful and love the view...between the ears.

  5. Hi - I found you via This old House 2.

    What a cute post. I'm a mountain girl at heart and love where you live. I used to have a white GSD and that breed will always hold a special place in my heart.

    This is an adorable post all the way around!

  6. Very sweet post about a boy and his dog.

  7. Lovely post! I visited Goshen Pass for the first time this summer. It's beautiful.


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