Saturday, August 11, 2012

Floors and A Year's Progress

The oak floors were installed in the den, dining room and foyer....
Here's a photo of the first board going down....

Sadly that's all I have to show because as soon as the boards were all down, 
they were quickly covered up with rolls of "Ram-Board."   

The same thing happened downstairs in the basement....
The tile was laid in the hall, study and center hall.  
And I managed to get one photo (ungrouted) 
 looking down at the center hall from the stair landing

before the slate look tiles were covered up!  

Outside, most of the battens are on and the exterior is largely ready for the painters to go after 
when they return Monday from a 2 week job elsewhere.  

We're making progress......

Here's the den last year in early August

And now....

The view is still as wonderful as ever, but we've got a few doors and a fireplace in the way!


  1. and i know you're glad about that! :)

  2. I'd take that view hidden by a fireplace any day!

  3. That is an ***amazing*** house; bet you can't wait to move into it and make it a home!

  4. Your views are simply amazing as is the house you are building. Hope you get to make it in before the holidays.

  5. Wow, wonderful views. Hope you are able to move in soon.

  6. Look at your progress! We are still waiting on the bids for the framing!

  7. Thanks Rebecca! Wishing you the best of luck (and loads of patience!) with your build!!
    It's a blessing at this time that we're able to build our dream home and I try not to take it for granted.... though these last weeks are grinding on!
    I hope you see this as I can't respond directly to you since your google settings are "no-reply"....


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