Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Visit To Buchanan

One thing leads to another when you're retired and not on a schedule.  

Last month we were out for a pleasure drive 
(back when we had free time and weren't painting and staining like maniacs), 
and wound up near the Lexington Reservoir.

We decided explore a few back roads and eventually
(we didn't have a map or cell phone signal), 
we rejoined civilization but were pretty far to the south.
 However this unexpected turn of events
 gave us an excuse to make our first visit to Buchanan!

It's a tiny town (pop. 1,200) on the banks of the James River 
and we've finally gotten the hang of the correct pronounciation 
which is "Buck"Ann-un.

There's an outfitter with canoe and kayak rentals, a few restaurants and some antique shops.

Adjacent to the highway bridge there's an old swinging pedestrian bridge.

Over 350 feet long and very lumpy

We swayed across over the piers built in 1851. 

The piers originally supported a large covered toll bridge 
but was burned by those nasty Yankees during the Civil War.  

Rebuilt, washed away, rebuilt again 
and then finally made obsolete by the new concrete bridge next to it, 
the current swinging bridge has been around sine the late 1930's.

There's a tiny Art Deco restored movie theatre on Main Street.  
Built in 1914 and still showing movies on weekends.

The pharmacy has a soda fountain and grill

where we gave a thumbs up to our chocolate malts.

Retirement is rough, but somebody has to do it!

**  Why aren't I writing about the house?

Yes, it's still being built and there's a lot to show.

But alas organizational skills are apparently still not my strong suit.

The wire to the camera has gone missing and without it I can't upload new photos to the computer!


  1. looks like a really neat area with some history behind it. :)

  2. I have never been across the bridge. Kind of creepy was it?

    Now go find that camera cord so we call all see what you have been up to at the house.

    Your favorite 'nasty yankee'.

  3. I actually haven't been there. We must have visited a different reservoir in geology. Looks like a neat place. Miss driving around the hills and roads - very fun.

  4. I love that walking bridge!!... and the oldfashioned soda counter.

  5. Such charming pics! And I am with Karen...LOVE that swinging bridge, too.

  6. First, I would be scared to death to walk across a swaying bridge.
    Second, that little town looks wonderful, the soda fountain so nostalgic
    And third, how funny pronounciations are, Buck-ann-non.

    I feel the pain of your organizational skills; I misplace cords and cables and other "stuff" all the time. But you do have a good excuse, living in a rental, and being at the construction site (soon-to-be-home)you are bound to have things all a-scatter.

  7. I don't remember ever being in Buchanan! How have I managed to miss such an interesting looking town. I'm adding that to my list of places to take day trips to.


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