Thursday, July 26, 2012

Late Nights at the New House

We've been working at the new house until at least 10pm for the past week
and are pretty darn exhausted.  

Should anyone want to send aid or assistance 
in the way of food, extra hands 
or IV caffeine, 
please come on over!  

We've been redoing/"tweaking" the doors because of a mixup with the painters
over the application of the stain and poly....  

Note to future home builders and professional painters:  
a water based poly shouldn't be coated on immediately after applying an oil based stain. 

So we're sanding, and then I'm putting two coats of a special sealer on the doors....
 all 19 of them.... both sides.  
Did I mention that I'm tired? 
Four Panel Pocket Door (one of a pair) for the study
The "miracle" Sealcoat has the extra benefit of accentuating 
the grain and quartersawn patterning
and the blessing is that I discovered the problem 
before the painters continued to layer more poly on top of the uncured stain.  

On a brighter note, I'm happy with the exterior color that I concocted 
by combining a few different Sherwin Williams colors.  

Soffits being painted.  Hardi with primer and no paint....
I guess I made my own full spectrum paint 
and love the way that it looks different at different angles and times of day.  

I was thrown into a state of angst when someone came to the homesite 
and expressed his dislike for the color when only the skirt board was painted.   
I was advised that I was making a big mistake 
and should change the color before the siding began to be painted!  

After 36 hours of inner turmoil, 
I decided to forge ahead and pretend that I'd never heard the criticism. 

It reminded me of not telling people your baby's name until after he/she was born.  
People feel that they can say something critical about a name choice when a woman is pregnant 
and will stay blessedly silent after the name (or paint) is firmly applied to the babe (or house)!

Enough blogging.... I'm off to seal more doors!


  1. I hate painting/sealing doors. It always collects in the corner and you have to keep checking back before it dries! I feel your pain...and I only had to sand/stain/refinish two doors! As a side note NEVER let your brother leave his dogs in your house unattended. No matter how many times he says they will not scratch the doors.

  2. ha ha! i'm glad you like it - that's what matters.

  3. That is hard work. Good luck! And ignore the naysayers. What do they know!?

  4. I'm so sorry someone advised you to change the paint color... that almost sounds like a rude thing to do. Glad you kept the color that you love! The doors are looking very nice!

  5. Who cares what others say...if you like the result and are the one who will be living there, then that's all that matters. And, it looks like it turned out very well. Too bad about all that extra door work. We would send supplies if we were closer instead if visiting in New England right now.


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