Sunday, July 1, 2012

Showing Off Our Present!

I was uber excited about my first get-together with a fellow blogger last week;
just the meeting was enough,
 so it never occurred to me that she might bring me a present.   

After our hello hug, when Diane said that she had "a little something" for me, I was surprised.  

Then I thought,  "Wasn't that thoughtful of her to bring a little something to say "Nice to Meet You?"

A little something.  
Perhaps it was going to be a bar of soap, a jar of jelly, a candle?   
Any of which would have been a very nice little somethings!   

Instead, I was touched to the point of being nearly speechless 
(and we all know how rarely that happens!) 
when Diane produced this framed photograph from the backseat of her car!  

Without further adieu..... 

Other than wedding photos (30 plus years ago), 
we've very few photos of the two of us.... 
and none that are framed and available to display.   
Plus we have no photos of Sarge and Cloud that aren't on our computers.

Thank you so very much Diane!  

It's a precious gift that we'll always treasure!!  


  1. You're both very welcome. You know, so many of us have computers filled with photos and don't take the time to frame a few of them. This was an easy gift, and just check out the smiles it put on your faces.... :-)) It was my pleasure.

    See you soon!

  2. Isn't she a hoot? And what a nice gift!!! I loved that picture when you posted it on your blog... what a lovely thing to have for your new home!....


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