Friday, July 13, 2012

Milestone Delivery

There was a special delivery out at the hill.....

Exciting enough that I'll shoot off a virtual firecracker left over from the Fourth of July!

July 4, 2012 Fireworks Over VMI


We took a chance on ordering via the internet and it seems to have paid off.  They arrived in good shape and with no obvious defects.    

It's one of the bigger ticket items in the budget, and finding a supplier with a quality product that we could afford proved challenging.  

The final test will be fit etc when they begin to be installed, but for now we couldn't be happier.  

Since they're wood (not MDF or particle board veneers), it's important to seal them asap so that they don't begin to warp or absorb moisture via the air.  

The paint crew was ready to begin work first thing the next morning.... 

In less than 24 hours they've already been stained and gotten a first coat of sealer.  

Is there any prettier wood than quarter and rift sawn oak?  


  1. Oh Grace...these are such nice doors. I miss having solid doors like we had in our last house. Our current home has hollow core doors and to be honest.... they stink.... LOL Oh yes they do! So jealous of your new home and can't wait for the day that we once again have a home that we can say that we truly love.

  2. Just gorgeous! A beautiful addition to your new home!

  3. oh, they are pretty! fingers crossed there will be no problem with installation!

  4. I love oak in a house. I like oak furniture even though it isn't considered special. I especially love oak trees on our property!

  5. I love them, please order me 6 please, I need to replace mine. Love love love them. On step closer to our suite being ready.....

  6. Ahhhh! Beautiful wood! How tremendous.

  7. Grace, these are indeed lovely all stained and nearly ready for installation and please do show us when and where they will be placed.

  8. Those doors take my breath away, Grace! Just gorgeous. Things are really going to start moving along now for you. I love following along with this! Thanks for all the updates. I feel as if I am next door watching the progress :)
    I had not been doing a whole of commenting over the last month, but I do always come by and check out your post. Hope you have a great Tuesday!
    xo, misha


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