Friday, July 6, 2012

House Progress: Early July

The house decisions are coming fast and furious. 
Or rather the need to make the decisions is coming fast and furious. 
I'm making them painfully and slowly! 

Hardi siding and battens going up on the exterior...

The stone crew came back and worked on the garage columns
It's a gritty dusty mess since they handsaw many of the stones to fit.... 

I'm glad they take the time to wear respirator masks.

Also outside, footings were dug and poured for the front steps 
and the garage overhang and portico.

Atta would like the tile installed in her paw washing/floor sink area,
but that won't be happening for a while! 

The master bathroom tub is still in the garage here at the rental house.
Bernard the Mini is getting used to having it for company.  :(
But the room is primed and ready for paint, trim and tile.  


  1. It's gonna be such a pretty house! The stone columns outside are a gorgeous touch.

  2. Hang in there... this will happen! I'm sure that you will be in the house before the leaves turn gold and fall. :-))

  3. thanks for the visit .. that's some amazing house you're building and Atta looks like a really good girl

  4. i like atta posing in her area. :) those stone columns look great!

  5. Amazingly beautiful are the first two thoughts after reading the post and seeing the photos.

  6. The stone columns are gorgeous....and that roof is fabulous. It is really looking great. I know the time seems to be dragging, but soon the tub will be installed. It is coming together and you are doing so well with the decisions. Hold on a tad longer.

  7. Love seeing the progress of your construction! It will be so beautiful! We are just beginning to do some renovations to our property in Maine and I'm in the midst of picking tile, flooring, appliances, paint, etc. My head is swimming!


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