Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Framed by German Shepherd Ears

When German Shepherds are pups they have floppy ears 
and you wait with bated breath hoping that they'll stand erect.  

The pup may go through a period where her ears tip together
or one may be up and one down before (hopefully) standing straight up at all times.  

Yesterday Atta's ears were even more erect than usual (if that's possible!) 
when I saw her intently staring 
out of the front door sidelight.  

When I went and stood directly behind her, I saw the cause for her focus.

What a tease to nibble grass within feet of the front door! 


  1. Our pups go crazy when there is a bunny outside the front door.

    Atta's ears look really great! We did not have our boxers's ears clipped, so when they were pups their ears would many times turn inside out and just look silly. SO funny.

  2. Grace, Atta would really have liked to give that bunny a chase. Good for the bunny that there was a door separating them.

  3. Those ears are beautiful, bet the rest of her is just as beautiful!
    Happy July 4th to you and yours.

  4. You took a great photo between those beautiful ears! That bunny has no idea how lucky he is. Good dog, Atta!

  5. I love that picture. Our dog does the same thing and if I don't check before I let him out he nabs himself a bunny snack:(


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