Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Whole Lotta Painting Going On!

One of the drawbacks to renting a house and boarding the horses 
is that I'm not getting much exercise.  
I could join the Y (amazingly there is one!) or a yoga class 
but I've always preferred gardening and stall cleaning 
as my exercise methods of choice.  
Basement Center Hall- Looking into study
BM Carrington Beige
So when we began painting this weekend, it was a shock to the old muscles!  
Long Hall in the Basement
also BM Carrington Beige
We've finished at least the first coat on all ceilings in the basement, 
and most of the walls down there have their first coat.

The third member of the paint crew, Attagirl, feels that painting is way overrated 
and would rather be outside chasing rabbits!

Our division of labor is that I do all of the cutting in and brush work 
and  Joe sticks to rolling.  

So for me it means up and down, 
and up and down the ladder hundreds of times.  
Guest Bath
BM November Rain
The scaffolding in the study 
was too big to fit in any of the other basement areas 
without too much bother disassembling it to get through doorways.  

But it sure felt good to be working on the house ourselves!


  1. Lovely! Won't be long til the painting is all done.

  2. that's awesome! i'm sure it makes you feel like it is really YOURS, too. (at least your muscles are screaming that it is!) :)

  3. Great choice of color, Grace. If it were me, I would be laying on the cool concrete floor next to Attagirl.

  4. While we were putting this Old House back together and the horses were boarded out, I gained 20 lbs.!!!! No kidding!!! Two years of no barn chores equals 20 lbs of fat

    Love the color choice...

  5. Grace, who needs the "Y" or yoga sessions with a workout like painting...been there and done that ( what homeowner hasn't) and it's truly a workout as your arms now know. The results look beautiful.

  6. I agree with you. If I am going to get sweaty, I want to have something accomplished around here! I also just moved the horses to get them sold and now I find myself unable to leave the house. And too sad to go to the barn.

  7. progress is always a great thing; moving forward is infinitely better than standing still, or worse, going backward.
    did you know Tiger Balm comes in a cream? and the red is for extra sore muscles while the green...why bother? LOL

  8. We do it the otherway around when my husband and I paint (which is very seldom) - I roll, he does the trim. He prefers that. I don't mind either one.

    Have fun!


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