Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Blogger Meeting!

We've just gotten our power back after a massive storm swept through Friday evening.  Trees are down all over town; many close calls and some houses and cars got direct hits.  

Here at the rental house we lost shingles and siding  and gave a lot of thought to going down to the basement for shelter but it never quite came to that.

Other than wind related damage to the smallest structure on the property, the new house came through fairly well too.....

We didn't attempt to push it back!!

The power and water came back on a mere 5 minutes ago:  it's still miserably hot inside and I desperately need a shower, but I'm not letting anything delay me from writing a blog post now that I've got contact with the outside world again!

Why the rush?

Because I had my first ever get together with a fellow blogger on Thursday and I don't want any more delay before saying that it was a blast!  Diane from Roanoke who writes the fun blog Dish (remamed recently from The Blue Ridge Gal) drove up and spent the day.

If I had remembered my camera, I'd have been showing photos of the lattes at Lex Coffee, our stroll across W&L's campus, the tour of Lee Chapel, shots of downtown, our country drive, lunch at Blue Sky or our marathon gab session out on the back porch of the new house.

Yep, I had my camera in the car but never took it out for a single shot.  Which is a shame because the weather was beautiful and so was Diane!

I'm afraid that I may have blabbed on and on about how much we love our new hometown and county to the point of seeming like a lobbyist for the local Chamber of Commerce.

Hopefully that won't be my last blogger meet-up.... if anybody is ever headed this way, please let me know!

And Diane, I'll be better about taking some photos on your next visit!  Maybe Rowdy and Izzy could come too?!

Now I'm off to start some laundry, do some dishes and take a shower.  Being on a well means that we lose water along with our electricity.

Tomorrow's post (after I'm clean and wearing makeup), will include a photo of the unexpected gift that Diane brought along on her visit!


  1. Glad the storm didn't do too much damage. We also had some last night, but no limbs or anything down here. heat is still around (unfortunately). How much fun was it to meet a fellow blogger. We've met a few and hope to meet more in the future!

  2. Love ya, Sweet Pea! Oh, we got hit by the storm here in Roanoke too and our power didn't come back on until this evening. Luckily we bought a generator last year so our refrigerator, a couple of floor fans and just the necessities were working. Amazing how much we depend on electrical power, isn't' it? Hope to see you again soon and so glad that you had minimal damage at the new house!! Nope, I would not have uprighted that Port A John either... LOL

  3. Glad you didn't have much damage. What a crazy summer for all! Always fun to meet up with fellow bloggers.

  4. Glad the storm didn't do too much damage. Also glad you and Di had a good visit.


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