Friday, June 1, 2012

Skies of "Home"

It's funny what you notice when you are away from someplace for a while.  The things that you take for granted on a daily basis suddenly leap out at you.  Eons ago when I'd leave Pennsylvania and drive home to Louisiana on college breaks, I was always struck by beauty of the sky and clouds in the Deep South.

This trip back to Louisiana was no exception and often during the week I found myself looking skyward.

If you've never seen the puffy clouds and intense blues of the Deep South (and IMHO Virginia is a little short of being "Deep") then you're missing a sight.  I believe that cumulus is the correct term for the well defined 3D clouds that are common in Louisiana.
Skies along the Interstate
When I took flying lessons, the instructor would sometimes let me end a lesson by going "cloud chasing" which involved circling over, around and then through a chosen cloud up in the Louisiana sky.  I never kept up with the flying so I'll have to be content to gaze at the clouds from below and remember how it felt to soar among the clouds of cotton.


  1. We lived in Arizona more than twenty years... blue blue blue southwestern skies and I will always miss them. But not the smog. LOL

  2. i do love the southern skies. :)

  3. My brother lives in Mississippi and has always said the same thing about the skies there. I have to agree.

    We attended college in PA, too -- Millersville University. Where did you go?

  4. Now wait just a doggone minute! Richmond, VA was Capital of the Confederacy; that counts bunches! -smile-
    The clouds are beautiful; love watching them from my farm. I've flown a couple of times but never kept it up and now my nerves aren't good enough.


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