Saturday, June 2, 2012

Road Food

We spend a LOT time of eating when we were in New Orleans and since we didn't want to go cold turkey on our return, we ate excessively along the way home too!  :)

First stop was lunch at Dreamland Ribs in Tuscaloosa.  A good rib place needs to be a rib shack and the original Dreamland location fills the bill.   

The entire menu used to be ribs and white bread.  The only choice was your drink and whole or half slabs.  In recent years they've bowed to pressure and added slaw, beans and banana pudding to complicate the ordering a little.  

We discovered Chick N Little restaurant in Abingdon VA about 2 years ago and we've eaten a few lunches there (fried chicken, plate lunches and homemade pies) but this was our first breakfast visit.  

As we expected, it beats Cracker Barrel by a mile!  Homemade pancakes, biscuits, country ham,  gravy and regulars who help out by walking around refilling everyone's coffee if the waitress gets busy!  
Chick-N-Little Restaurant.  It's the little low place; the 4 story building is the police station!
When searching for hearty, casual local eats a helpful resource is the Roadfood website.


  1. i love that regulars help pour coffee! so cute! gosh, the food sounds great!

  2. Our son has visited the rib place in Tuscaloosa! You are definitely a woman after my own heart!!! :)

  3. Grace, you are killing me with the food porn! I am now considering moving back to the South! What a great rib shot...

  4. Love the Roadfood website and books although I've never eaten at Chick-N-Little. There's a place in Abingdon, other end from Chick-N-Little in an old pharmacy and they have great lunches.
    Next time I'm in Abingdon, I'm trying Chick's place, thanks!

  5. Love it!! We have a diner here called the Lamp Post.
    Sounds a lot like Chick-N-little. We would always rather eat in a local place over a chain when traveling! A lot of "foodie" gems out there on the by-ways!
    Cute post :)
    xo, misha

  6. Just since I have been in Louisiana, I have eaten all the stuff California does not offer, even my undies are getting tight! I am sure not hangin with you guys! Glad you are home safe. So enjoyed the wedding your friends you and of course the FOOD.. Love you both


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