Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little Whine and Some House Progress

I haven't been blogging much about the house but I promise that we're still building one! 

When it was time to leave for the wedding, we were SO ready to get away from the house construction!  It's beginning to wear on both of us as it's a constant monitoring trying to be sure that things go according to the plans.  

We've averted several major disasters by the skin of our teeth and stopped several other "minor" costly mistakes before they've eaten too far into our budget.  For a while lately it seemed as though not much was going smoothly and each visit to the site uncovers something that needs to be changed or done differently from how it was started that morning.  

We're still very happy with our crew and GC, but there have been some close calls that have left us wondering how people have homes built long distance.   And to be honest, the crew probably wishes that we were long distance since we're so detail oriented!  

Maybe after we're in the house and can smile about all of it, I'll share the fiascos but for now it's best to just move forward, chalk them up as lessons learned and take each day one at a time. 

How about a few photos though to prove that we're really making a wee bit of progress?

The plaster veneer is all done.... Smooth as a baby's "you know what" and looking great!  

I love this view looking back from the center of the den toward all the varied ceiling heights of the foyer (left), bookshelf wall, kitchen and dining room. 

The wall that looks like it might fall down since it's standing there unanchored will have oak cabinets that form a wall separating the dining room from the den.

One step backward and two steps forward..... the nice side slope outside the kitchen window which had been so carefully graded was turned into a wreck last week.  That was the one step backward.  The forward progress was that the geothermal wells were dug and the lines laid so that we'll have heat and hot water!  

 Outside on the back, the windows are trimmed (they'll eventually be dark brown) and the lower french doors replaced the temporary one.

In the front, the windows are trimmed and they've begun to hang the Hardie board.... it'll be board and batten style.   Pay no attention to the lack of permanent doors.... we're working on it!  :)
 Most of the mess around the job site is a result of the stone masons not being finished yet with the garage and a few spots on the house.

But now that the garage columns are built and ready for their stone facing, the masons should be back at the beginning of the week!!
It's going to be a gorgeous home and we've got to be the luckiest people alive to have found our new hometown and be living this new life!  

I'll share some interior details during the week so stay tuned!


  1. In 1977 my parents lived in Iowa and were having a house built in Arizona. A friend of theirs that lived in Arizona would check on the progress of the house and then call my parents to let them know that things were going as they should. One day though, he called and said that there was a floor to ceiling window where the kitchen sink was supposed to be, so they had to correct it and put in a window that would only be above/over the sink. They had also forgotten to do the sunken living room so a lot of cement had to be jack hammered out and redone so the living room WOULD indeed be sunken. LOL Have to stay on top of a work crew, that's for sure!

  2. well, i'm glad you're still moving forward. :) sounds like a real headache, though.

  3. OOH, this is just a spectacular home, absolutely LOVE the upper and lower "deck"... beautiful.


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