Monday, June 11, 2012

Door Glass Repaired!!

It's finally time to sing the praises of the Loewen windows and doors!  When they were installed in October,  we saw immediately that the muntins (aka "grills") of the doors didn't line up horizontally with the window sections.

Here's an older photo where you can see the problem.
The horizontal grid on the doors was about 6" higher than the nearby horizontal window lines.  With four 9' tall double doors and one single door involved it was a major snafu.

It looked as if we had used stock doors/windows for convenience that didn't match each other.   Not right in such a carefully built and designed house!  But on the upside, every window was absolutely perfect!

Our supplier, Gaston & Wyatt, in Charlottesville had acknowledged right from the beginning that it was a problem which they would fix and this week they made it happen.

Not that they hadn't tried sooner..... In late winter, replacement glass and panes were sent down from Canada.  After hauling it into the house and preparing to work, the installers realized after uncrating the first section of glass that it was wrong again!  It was identical to what was already there and so couldn't be used!  Thank goodness that they hadn't begun to take apart the doors!

When the proper glass arrived this spring, the insulation subs were working and the plaster crew was preparing to start, so we decided to delay another few weeks.... Hey what's another month when we've been waiting all winter?!  :)

I held my breath and crossed my fingers when over a 2 day period last week, the entire glass assembly on each of the nine door panels was totally removed, leaving just the metal frame hanging in the jambs until the new pre-made glass "sandwich" was installed in the gap.  I couldn't bear to watch or take photos!
Doors fixed!!  Dining room to left (dividing cabinets not in) and Den... upper porch through windows
The muntins are now all in a glorious row straight across from the dividing line of the windows!  The technician who did the repairs was a pro and nothing was damaged in the process or went awry.

I'm finally safe to say (with no qualifier added at the end) that I'm VERY happy with my Loewen windows and doors!
Upstairs porch MBR doors/windows (glass replaced in doors)
The exteriors with the gorgeous brown cladding are impeccably made; the straight grain fir interior is going to look awesome with our stained wood interior and the interior build quality is as superb as the exterior.  Plus I have confidence in the support from Canada and also the local dealer Gaston & Wyatt.
Glass replaced!  Two sets of doors are open, but you get the idea.....
Phew.... Something had to go wrong first, but this was an important fix that got put right last week!

Yes, it took a long time, but we weren't pushing anybody for a quick repair.... we're still a long way from moving in!


  1. it really does look nice, all straight and in line. :)

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