Sunday, June 24, 2012

House Interior Update

We spent the day yesterday cleaning at the house.  
Sawdust and plaster dust needed to be corralled 
because the HVAC subs will be starting up the AC tomorrow!

View into Den from the Foyer
We're still a long way from moving in, 
but we've taken delivery of the oak floors that will go in the den, foyer and dining room
 and the AC will help acclimate the wood by stabilizing the temperature and humidity inside.  

It's gorgeous quarter and rift sawn oak and is temporarily stacked in the MBR.

Most of it's upside down with the grooved side up 
but there are a few boards poking out that can give me a peak at how beautiful it is.  

This photo with the flash brought out a little of the graining and deepened the color.  
My fingers are crossed that we can achieve this look with the actual finish.

We were tired as dogs (even Atta) by the time we left, 
and were grateful that Dave and Jesse from the carpentry crew were also there cleaning.  

Atta taking a break from the dust to watch wildlife from the upper porch

While it's true that the house is taking a long time to build, 
we've not experienced any of the work delays that are legend here in the county.  
Dave and Jesse had put in a full week but came yesterday (on a Saturday) to clean.

Staircase (temporary) to basement.  Open area ahead will be bookcases on the landing.  
And we didn't lose a single day to hunting season last year either.... 
something that almost everyone warned us about!

Mud Room with Floor sink/half shower for paws and boots

The only curve in the house!
Dropped ceiling above rear entry bench

Who knows when the house will be finished!  

Tom our builder is purposefully mum on the subject.  

It's likely that his strategy is a key axiom taught in 
Contractor 101:  

"Don't pin yourself down to a date that will eventually disappoint the homeowners." 

So we're beginning to stop thinking about August.  

We've begun to hypothesize about September. 

And to my great dismay, I've even hesitantly mentioned the "O" word a few times.... ("October").   


  1. the o word. ha ha! god bless you and your patience! but it sounds like you really do have a great crew! thanks for explaining the a/c keeping the wood constant. i would have wondered why you were turning on the a/c now...

  2. It looks wonderful. Like a work of art in progress!

  3. Oh gosh.... that silly 'O' word. Hey... at least October will be a nice cool month to be moving things. :-) See, there's always a bright note.

  4. Gorgeous!!!!! I assume you were expecting the "A" word, perhaps?

    PS Love the shepherd!!

  5. Hi Grace, thanks for the update and can well imagine that you are looking forward to a move-in date that's sooner rather than letter...maybe we will hear you mentioning the "N" or "D" word in future posts, hope not.

  6. Did you not send a memo, to your crew...that important guest were to arrive in the S month?well then we may have to re-negotiate our arrival...PS love the floors oh and love ya too.
    Note to crew: keep up the good work, Saturdays too


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