Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We've Got Walls!

Sheetrock, glorious sheetrock!  Technically it's "blueboard", but we've got walls!
Joe pondering the immense number of holes in the ceiling! 

Den with bags of plaster ready for the finish work!
Our two installers are doing an excellent job.  We were thinking that with only two of them, it would take quite a while, but they've been steadily working along (including over the weekend) so that the upstairs was being finished up today.
View from the kitchen island.  Beverage area ahead.  Den to the left.  
The basement level should go even faster.... guess I'd better start picking paint colors!
Master Bedroom
Staircase (temporary) to the basement


  1. Oooh... now things are getting exciting in your house!!

  2. that is awesome. i bet it feels like a house now. :)

  3. How wonderful! It's really starting to look like a home now.

  4. Walls do make a home look better...and also keep out all those drafts too :-) Happy Mother's Day and by next year you may be able to celebrate in your new home, which owuld be a wonderful celebration! Wondering what did cause all those holes in the ceiling...or did I miss something in the explanation?

  5. Great first reaction when I saw that first shot was "Wow, look at all them holes in the ceiling!"

  6. Wow, it's really coming on. I'm guessing there will be a lot of lights in that one room. Won't be long until you're in and settled!


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