Monday, May 7, 2012

A Quick NYC Visit

Mother's Day is just around the corner and there are numerous reasons why I'm not being 
nominated for any "Mother of the Year" awards. 

One of them is that I hadn't taken a trip to NYC to visit Asher on his home turf in years. 

I tried to recall how long it had been and gave up when I got to 2009!
Between the time and the cost, it's been simpler over the last years to pay for an airline ticket for him to come down to us, but we knew that needed to change.  So we finally got our ducks in a row and made a quick trip to Manhattan.

The seven hour drive was easy (yes, we drove!) and it was a cinch to navigate in through Lincoln Tunnel to the Essex House hotel on Central Park South.

The variety and juxtaposition of architectural styles boggles my mind...
But, oh the cost of staying in New York!  Ouch!  We had a quiet comfortable room that was more per night than our first house's monthly rent!  And the Xterra could have been ensconced in a hotel room in Lexington for the cost of the nightly garage fees!

Oh well, it's "only" money....  right?  And the cost of seeing our second son.... Priceless!  :)

One thing that Lexington is sorely missing is gargoyles....

The views could give me a major crick in my neck! 

Details everywhere if you only take the time to look.
Do you see them?  The grumpy pelicans standing guard?

Another reason that I won't win Mother of the Year is that while I took scads of building photos, 
this is the only photo that I took of my son whom I hadn't seen in four months!  
Shame on me....  but isn't he handsome?  
As you can see, after almost six years in the city, 
he can simultaneously text, walk and pose for a photo without crashing into people.  
I'm not sure how he does it!

Maybe that won't count as the only photo of Asher since I got the side of his face in this one....

Do I need another reason not to get Mother of the Year?

One of our purposes in going to NYC was to meet Chris.  He and Asher have been together for 2 years now and we hadn't met him.

But did I take any photos of him?
No... just plenty of buildings.
What was I thinking?

I'm looking forward to getting to know him better and hope that we didn't horrify him too much as Asher's "country come to town" parents!

If it weren't for our wallets needing to recover and the house needing our attention this summer we'd be planning a return trip already.


  1. oh, this was too cute! and funny! loved the buildings, though. (sorry asher and chris!) :)

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  3. I can see why NYC is so intimadating...too many tall bldgs

  4. Asher looks so cityfied! I can't seem to get used to his new haircut! What a handsome man he has grown up to be. I was so looking forward to seeing what Chris looks like. I hope we don' overwhelm him at Clark's wedding.

  5. Hopefully, Asher and Chris can make the trek to the country! And we will be waiting for all the pictures you will take of ONLY them :)
    We love NYC. But, geeeez. You are so right. The cost of everything is why we have not been back in 7 years! :(
    Have a lovely!
    xo, misha

  6. Ah, NYC...haven't been in decades but truly loved it when I lived there. Handsome son, Grace, from the *one* photo you took -LOL-.

  7. Hi Grace, NYC I do remember well from my trips there to see Broadway shows when I was living in NJ and taking the bus to Times Square in the 1980s. Crazy as it sounds, I always enjoyed the Big City because I knew I could leave again. Glad you had a safe journey and got to see your son. OUCH is right on those hotel and packing costs which is why we don't go to the "big" cities. Agree with others who commented that aSHER IS A GOOD LOOKING YOUNG MAN.

  8. WHOOPS, sorry about having the caps lock on at the end of the previous post.


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