Monday, May 28, 2012

Post Wedding Report

It was a perfect wedding weekend!  

I'll have to wait until the "real" photos come back or until friends begin to share 
since I took very few and most of those either had too much flash or too little.  
Rehearsal Dinner Table At Arnaud's
Friday's dinner at Arnaud's was an elegant precursor to the wedding day, 
and then began our  two day marathon consisting of  friends, family, and food!  

I only managed to get one decent pre-wedding shot of the men in the wedding party.  Having my four sons together for the first time in 18 months was a delight to this mother's eyes!  
And fraternity brother Drew fit right into the brotherly theme!!  
Asher, Drew (Best Man/Fraternity Brother), Clark, Carter, Owen
She was a stunning bride and their eyes were tender and literally sparkling with love for each other throughout the whole evening.  

The words spoken by our priest, who came down from St. Francisville, were touching and heartfelt and the Episcopal service reminds us that a wedding is a religious rite and not just a big party.  

After the rite then the party can commence but the two are separate affairs!  
And party we did!  
The food looked delicious but neither Joe or I ate more than a bite; 
we were both so focused on trying to catch up with friends and family 
whom we hadn't seen in 9 months or longer!

Photos of the gorgeous bride, friends and Clark being tossed 11' into the air by his fraternity brothers will follow in days to come!  

But meanwhile, here's one of the garter toss that came out passable after making it black and white.....

I was sorry that the festivities had to end, but memories were made, old friendships renewed and the love of our family has grown to include another member!


  1. Glad your the wedding went off so well as did our own family wedding in Lancaster, PA. We had a lot of catch up time as well with family living in CT, RI, and NJ. Hope to get a few wedding photos on a future blog post in a few days.

  2. Wow, congratulations! I am so glad your wedding went well. What a year you are having - moving, new home, weddings!

  3. Well, how lucky can we be, sitting in the catbird seat, knowing that across the street is all this love and excitement and adventure, and we'll get to meet all these very special people in time. :) So glad we knew at least Clark in his "earlier life as a W&L band member," thus getting a toe in the door! Linda & Dave Krantz, Elliot's Hill Lane, too!


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