Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back in Louisiana!

Magnolias blooming, iron railings, hot sultry air..... we're not in Kansas Virginia anymore!

Yesterday we made our first visit back to South Louisiana since leaving in September.

We aren't going back to our former hometown but are down in New Orleans where we've already had

beignets for breakfast

a shrimp po-boy for lunch
and shrimp and grits for dinner last night.

Why are we here?  Because we've got a wedding this weekend, and we'll be adding another daughter-in-law to the family!!

Here we are with the future bride and groom and her parents at dinner last night.....

Happy smiles all around!  


  1. congrats to the growing family! yeah, good luck with the heat and humidity down here! 'tis almost summer!

  2. Happy Wedding Weekend! And Happy New Daughter-In-Law! Now, you must know how cruel it is to post such luscious pics of beignets and po-boys on your blog. Some of your followers haven't had such delights in 6+ years and don't know when they might have the opportunity again! Oh, the delights of South Louisiana cuisine...

  3. How wonderful! All that deliciousness from New Orleans is making my mouth water! Congrats to the happy couple!

  4. Seems this is a family wedding weekend for others as well, Grace. We are in Lancaster, PA currently for the wedding of youngest daughter on Sunday. Congrats to you and your family and new members too. Looks like everyone was very happy and why not with such great eats as you showed in this post!

  5. Contratulations!!!! and oooh, that food! New Orleans is on my list of places I just have to see...


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