Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Soon to be Newlyweds

Look who came to visit the construction site!  
They're masters at time management....  
Neither med school, job responsibilities, or their wedding (which is less than a month away) 
stopped them from journeying from New Orleans to VA.  
They came to town to see friends and to attend the Foxfields steeplechase, 
but I'd like to pretend that we were also a big reason for their visit!

Or maybe they came all the way up just so that I could make a red velvet cake for his birthday?!
The next white frosting in his future will be on his wedding cake!
They are so cute and perfect for each other..... I'm counting the days!  


  1. She is the epitome of a southern gal. So cute!

  2. What a nice treat for you to see them; cake looks great too, a southern favorite for sure!

  3. How sweet! Hope you had a wonderful visit!


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