Friday, May 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again!

Back to blogging and the real saddle after a two week hiatus from both!

In Louisiana, it was easier to rationalize the expense of having the horses since they were right in the backyard.

Even during those stretches of time when we didn't have time to ride, we were taking care of them twice a day for feedings and we got pleasure just seeing them grazing around the house.

But boarding them in VA means that we're throwing money away (lots of it!) if we don't take the time to drive over and ride regularly or at the very least groom and visit so our habits need to change!  

I can't blame all of our neglect on the house construction:  there are so many things that we're enjoying doing around town that setting priorities is difficult and it's easy to overlook the horses when they aren't staring us in the face every morning!

The trees today out in the woods (and Joe's shirt) really were this green! 
No color tweaking here.... he was nearly camouflaged!  

There were so many birds singing in the woods that it sounded for all the world like a recording from the Amazon rainforest!

The last two weeks have been busy ones and we've done some things that I don't want to forget so I'll hit the highlights in a few upcoming blog posts.

But in current events,  we had a milestone delivery at the new house yesterday!

Sheetrock... Blueboard.... 

Whatever you want to call it, there's now going to be a shift from all these months of building the guts of the house to seeing a home begin to emerge!


  1. Always an exciting home-building moment.. when the INSIDES start to appear.

    Your horse is just so pretty, absolutely love the color(s).

  2. Definitely an exciting delivery! I bet that was a wonderful ride through all that beautiful greenery.

  3. How wonderful to finally get to see the interior rooms come together. I'm in love with your kitchen windows by the way, shown in your previous post.

  4. how very awesome! and i totally understand your angst about not 'utilizing' or 'enjoying' the horses, especially when you board. i don't ride mine, but i enjoy the heck out of them here.

  5. I hung drywall one summer and was always amazed at how the house seemed to shrink once the walls were covered. On the other hand, it looked like a real house once the walls went up and you were no longer looking at the framing.

    Getting very green in a hurry down here, too. Watch out for the ticks. I carry a can of repellent strapped to my camera bag and make a point of applying it every time I go out.

  6. Can't wait to see you both. We are busy garden in, flowers potted everywhere. I am a certified Master Gardener now, love ya

  7. Ohh, sheetrock! Soon you will have rooms.

  8. the house is moving along nicely and love the trail ride, Grace.

  9. Grace, I'll bet the horses enjoyed the ride too as it can't be much fun to be boarded and not get out on what looks like a lovely day. Once the house is done do the horses relocate to that back yard? Bet you are excited to know the house will soon have walls.

  10. Glad to see you enjoying the Countryside! The trails look beautiful. Hopefully one day I'll get to visit soon.
    Right now we're redoing our house, but I'm still drafting plans for a handicap accessible Log Cabin :)
    Sounds like you keep very busy. Right now I'm marking my schedule for giving CGC Classes and testing and moving forward with W.A.G.S., Louisiana. The EBRP Library and several other groups have asked us to speak about Service Dogs I can't say that I don't enjoy it. If you know me, then I love talking about training dogs or animals in general.
    I'm glad to see you are doing well. I know you are excited about the forward progress on your beautiful retreat. Please don't forget to post every photo. I enjoy watching the progress from Louisiana!

    1. Hi Ellie!
      I never can reply directly to you since your email is listed as "no-reply" so I hope you see this! I used to love to go and do the programs with the Bernese at the library. I used to give wagon rides several times a year at a couple of the bigger branches and at a few schools. Always such fun to get the dogs out so that people could see a dog that was part of the family and useful!
      We miss Mr. Biggs dreadfully and you know how that is when you lose one of the great ones. :(
      Hugs to your sweet Dane!


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