Saturday, May 5, 2012

Artist's Studio Tour

After running errands this morning, we headed to the house to take photos of the drywall progress and found that my camera battery was kaput!

Oh well, trust me that we've got blueboard up in our bedroom, bathroom, closet and part of the laundry room!

It's exactly one year to the day since we turned the first shovel of dirt out on the hill.  The unexpected complications with the back porch cost us at least 6-8 weeks of time, but we're happy with the results so that's what matters.

Maybe it's a good thing that I don't have house photos to post since I'm playing catch-up and have "old" pictures that I'm wanting to share....
 Such as.....

They're impossible to grow in south Louisiana due to the heat and humidity so it'll be a treat to plant a few at the new house!  I almost ran off the road a few times ogling bushes around town!

Seriously, who'd have ever thought that I'd live where there were lilacs!  

One of our April experiences was the "Tour of Artist's Studios".  Eleven private studios were opened to the public and the artists invited us to come inside and see the spaces where they work.

Normally not open to the public and not sales type galleries, the studios and their settings ranged from historic homes ....

to a log cabin nestled beside a rocky creek.

The loop trail took us 20 miles about the county on a beautiful spring day.  A few stops were right in town, but most had a sense of privacy down tiny lanes or gravel roads;  the scenery on the drive itself was a joy.

Rich was the chauffeur for the day and maintained his good humor remarkably well despite three backseat drivers trying to tell him where to go..... let's just say that reverse was used more than once due to conflicting advice!  :)

There were bright modern spaces where a little paint on the floor is to be expected! ....

Wood fired kilns......

A field a few steps off the porch of a woodland studio....

A forge and smelting area.....

Such a variety of spaces!  

The artists themselves included sculptors, painters, potters, photographers, jewelers and more.  Displays at several studios by guests brought the number of artists to 30 at the 11 stops and all were eager to talk not only about their spaces but about their creative processes, work and techniques.

It wasn't only the studios that were worth seeing:  the artists brought their talents to gardening and interior decoration as well.  Even the rocks in their pastures weren't immune to being tinkered with by the owner/artist......

So much to marvel over!

In typical County fashion, the event was free and we kept bumping into people that we knew from bridge, church, the house construction, etc.

We're counting our blessings everyday that we're here....


  1. Isn't our state just awesome! You must plant lilacs and hydrangeas around your new property. Oh, and some mock orange bushes too! You will love having the scent of them in the springtime.

  2. love this. i love the community you are getting into. and i'm SO jealous you have lilacs there!

  3. Don't you just hate it when batteries die at the most inconvenient times? Nice to see the photos from the artists tour. There's an annual one in these parts, usually around Thanksgiving. Lilacs are so lovely, but we have none here.


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