Saturday, April 14, 2012

We've got Water... Almost!

This photo might not look like much, but it's cause for celebration and deserves its front page news
 here on the blog!  

It's our water well!   

And you were wondering if we were going to make guests shower at the truck stop in town!  

The gravel surrounding the pipe wasn't trucked in, that's what came up out of the pipe as they were drilling.  The finest Rockbridge County limestone!

They hit quickly:  at 150' the flow was 5 gallons/minute and they kept going to 200' and 15 gpm.   There are some sulphur pockets here and there in the county, but the drillers said that they didn't smell anything so that was a relief.

We'll send some water off to an independent lab for a full slate of tests and then we'll know how much filtering and softening we'll have to do.  But we're happy that at least one thing has come in under budget and that we won't have water that smells of rotten eggs!

Lots of progress out at the house this week.  Stay tuned for some photos tomorrow!


  1. Oh wow, water security. What a great thing to have. I was checking levels in my rainwater tanks yesteray and I'm worried about how many showers three teenage girls will be expecting during their 4 week stay in June....Maybe I should start looking for a truck station in Bendigo?

  2. We have delicious well water at our house too! Taste soooo good from 150' down. Such a dry year we are having.... Did you put in more than one water heater? We have two. One for our side of the house and the other for the guest side of the house so even when we have house guests everyone is assured a warm shower in the morning.

  3. awesome! what a relief! after all that building, you'd hate to have it spoiled by sulphur water!

  4. Water is always Big News and welcome too! Our driller had to go town 700 feet but we've got 75 gpm and it's the sweetest tasting water in the world; bless God!

  5. Glad you got good tasting well water and that you didn't have to go down too far.


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