Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Opportunities Abound

Opportunities abound in our new little hometown!

Following last Friday's afternoon bridge game (yes, I'm still struggling on!), I dropped by campus and parked a few yards from the entrance to Lee Chapel.

No tickets were required, so I strolled in and sat down to hear Tom Wolfe (Bonfire of the Vanities, Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, The Right Stuff....) who spoke for a few minutes before he introduced keynote speaker Colum McCann.  McCann wrote the National Book Award winning Let The Great World Spin which has been on my stack of "To-Reads" for a while now.

It was the start of the yearly Tom Wolfe weekend seminar at W&L sponsored by the class of '51 in honor of their classmate Tom Wolfe.  Both McCann and Wolfe gave memorable talks and words of advice for writers.... unfortunately I was without a pen for taking notes!  :(

This weekend, we drove up to Staunton where following a fabulous locally sourced dinner, we heard Jesse Winchester sing at Mockingbird which is a small music hall venue billing themselves as providing "Artisan Fare and Roots Music."  What a fine evening we had with friends Barb and Rich!

Yesterday we exercised the brains just a bit more when we went to hear Rudy Giuliani speak on "Principled Leadership" and also give his views on the upcoming election.   Although tickets were required for this one, they were free and once again it was a simple affair to walk in and take a seat.

Though we saw her motorcade out on the interstate, we missed Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who was in town to receive an award from the Marshall Foundation and give a talk last Tuesday.

Can you believe that this little town gets so many nationally known folks just popping in?  Every week there is more to do than we can fit into our schedule!

Thanks for the kind words for everyone concerning our loss of Mr. Biggs.  Despite having Atta, the house seems empty.... many of you know exactly what we're experiencing.

Turn up the volume and listen to one of the prettiest songs ever.  I dare you not to close your eyes and smile!  ....  Jesse Winchester singing on Elvis Costello's Sundance Channel show with Neko Case and Sheryl Crow as fellow guests.


  1. I love this song, I am going to put it on my Pandora station, thanks for turning me on to this. Love ya

  2. Hi Grace, you certainly have had a lot going on. your small town may be larg than ours (pop. 500) and when we first moved here and for several years afterwards (been here 12 years) we found every local event we could attend, both the free ones like local crafts shows and paid ones like the local international film series and local playhouse productions. But now we are ready to move on because not only do we want to be closer to family in New England, but this stuff has became stale and we definitely need a change and more choices too. Glad you are having such a grand time exploring and getting around.

  3. I adore the Valley; it has so much going on, all the time, Grace.


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