Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finally Some Indoor Photos!

Up until now I've posted very few photos of the interior of the house.  

2x4's and open walls are hard to decipher and don't make for very interesting shots!

But now that the insulation is in, there is definition to the space 
and the rooms can make sense in a photograph.

The stonework on the fireplace wall is completed, 
although the board is just a temporary blocking for the mantel.  

This is the kitchen sink window... the island will be opposite the window with the stove to the left.
There are lots of varied ceiling heights in the house, but the only vaulted ceiling is in the kitchen.  
I love it!  Very different from having the typical vaulted den!   

Another view of the kitchen with the door going out to the porch and dining room to the right.

And just to tempt everyone who has promised to visit.... here's the most important room in the house....  The guest room!

A little info on the house since I've had a few questions lately
 from old friends and new blog visitors....

We're hoping to be in the house sometime in August and luckily we're comfortable here in our nice rental home.  We've extended our lease so we aren't feeling a squeeze or rush, 
just a desire to unpack our things and start living in our dream house!

A common question for folks to ask us is "Did you downsize?"  

Well.... not exactly!  The house is 500 sq feet larger than our old one in Louisiana. 
But we do have fewer rooms!  
I'm not clear on how we managed to lose two bedrooms (and 4 sons) 
and design a larger house but leave it to us to find a way!
The house will  have 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths and a study that can be used for a bedroom in a pinch.  

Sheetrock here we come!!! 


  1. Oh, it's going to be beautiful! Haven't been by for a visit in a while so you have lots of posts for me to read... the desktop died and my bookmarks were lost so this morning I got on dashboard and I've just been reading and reading! When we built 7 years ago we also made the house a little bigger. Real estate agents say small houses are hard to sell so retirement homes are getting bigger instead of smaller! Love the views and the fireplace will be so nice next winter when the snows start! It will go fast, you are on the downhill slope of the build now!

  2. How exciting for you!! I love the stacked stone on the fireplace. I look forward to seeing the finished home.

    How smart you were to have leased that home so you are not rushed.

  3. i LOVE that big kitchen sink window area!!! NICE!! would make doing dishes and scrubbing pots and pans a pleasure!

  4. Wow, it looks like it is really coming together!

  5. Love that fireplace and the kitchen is a dream; mine is super tiny! What a wonderful view from your kitchen window. Can't wait to see more!

  6. Absolutely Fabulous, Grace. What a view out the kitchen windows! Loving everything, inside and out!

  7. your home is going to be such a sweet sanctuary!

  8. Grace, we went from 1200 to 1800 square feet when we (ahem) downsized 9 years ago and moved from NJ to VA. W plan to keep household items and not furniture on our upcoming move to a smaller home. It was great to see these interior shots and maybe one day we will visit...would be lovely to see the finished house!

  9. Just stopped by your blog to check on the house. Our current idea is to possibly retire to the Hagerstown, Maryland area... would love a 2 acre wooded lot and a really nice house. I guess we may have to take a trip up that way soon since retirement happens in November!! Time flies. Not sure if we want to buy or build. Love your house!! It sits atop that hill so nicely. :-)

  10. Very exciting!!!! OMG the VIEWS!!!! Have I said that one too many times? love the stonework... looking forward to more...


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