Saturday, March 3, 2012

No More IHop!

No longer will the new house be confused with an IHop!  
No strangers knocking on the door at 7am expecting a stack of pancakes!  
See that brown stuff going up over the blue film?  

It's a roof!!

It's been 10 months since the bulldozer began moving dirt and so it has been a long time coming.  

It won't be water tight around the chimney for another week or so since we've had another delay finding stone banding to go around the chimney top.   
But it's progress!!

The Englert metal roofing comes in sheets and is crimped into a standing seam roof.  It's their Dark Bronze color and looks like the copper roofs in the area that age to a dark brown.  

Too bad that we couldn't use copper but it's out of our league price wise... we're doing good to spring for the copper gutters!

Now that the roof is extending out across the back of the house, it looks massive!
Without the porch.... (okay, veranda) it's a nice sized house but not crazy.  
Add on the porch and whoa.... it's big!  


  1. WoW is all I can say. It is a huge home at least looking from the back side. I know your boys must be so excited to come back here for visits. That roof looks really sharp. I know you must be loving the progress. It won't be long!

  2. hurray for roofing!!! yay!!! it does look HUGE!!! :)

  3. A huge porch can just make all the difference in the world when it comes to good living space. Love yours!

  4. Wow love the roof!Looking forward to seeing it soon!!

  5. You must be so excited... what a house!.. what a view! Looking forward to the progress. Just WOW.

  6. I hate to tell you this but now all I'm thinking about are pancakes. Lots and lots of pancakes, maybe for breakfast tomorrow.
    And that is a beautiful house to be; you're going to love it.

  7. Wow, it's coming along just beautifully!

  8. Grace, and to think we really like ihop and were going to look for the blue roof if ever in your neighborhood (sigh). You comment about the size of your new home are just what I was thinking...WHOA a BIG house!

  9. Can't wait to see the finishing touches of this home. :)

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