Sunday, March 18, 2012

A New Bed For Atta

I succumbed to the thrill of the deal and bought Atta a new dog bed on the flash sale site
Joss and Main.

I'd never heard of a Luca dog bed before, but the prints were snazzy
and the covers go on and off like a fitted sheet.

At 45" by 33" it's plenty big for our 95 lb sweetheart of a German Shepherd.

That is when she gets to lay in it!

Not that she doesn't want to, but someone else has laid claim. 

And Atta won't ask Her Highness to move!  
Pitiful isn't it?  


  1. oh, that is just too CUTE! such sweethearts! :) thanks for the laugh!

  2. Ha! Replace the cat with a 6 kilo Fox Terrier, and the G.S. with a 33 kilo Rhodesion Ridgeback and you've got a commom evening scene in my lounge room. I've even seen the Ridgeback curled up very tightly on the bed bought for (and sized for) the Foxie. Silly animals just don't read the script!

  3. Thanks for the blog it started my day with a smile.

  4. You forgot to read the instructions... buy 2 of everything. Size is not important. But that sunbeam is!


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