Thursday, March 15, 2012

House Progress: A Garage!

After a few days of rain delay last week, we finally bid farewell to the last of the blue film as it disappeared under the metal roof.
Standing seam roofs aren't seen very often in Louisiana, but they're common here.  We aren't building the typical VA farmhouse, but at least we're following tradition with the roofing material!  It was pretty fascinating to see them crimp and join the sections together. 

And joy of joys..... look at the garage going up!!

We had decided to delay the garage construction until we were farther along on the house and had a grasp of how the budget was holding up.  
Of course, we've grasped that we're a bit over budget,   
but there wasn't much sense in waiting, so the walls began to go up!

The detail and architecture of the garage are awesome!  The minute I saw the first sketches of it, I was crazy about it and had my fingers crossed that I'd see it built.   

I'll go so far as to say that I like the exterior of the garage "better" than the house!  It'll be 3 bays with the one on the left for the dually 1 ton truck.  Bernard the Mini will be able to share his space with the lawnmower!  

We never could figure out a way to tie the two structures together.  Between the hillside and the lines of the house, it detracted from both to try and join them together with a covered walkway, so we'll be braving the elements to get from the garage to the house and vice versa.  


  1. Boy my brain was fried last night after bridge can't believe your stamina! Roof is looking great can't wait to see the garage this weekend.

  2. from this angle, the house looks small or 'normal'. from the back... whew! :) congrats on the progress!!!

  3. I was impressed by the house alone and now a garage..WOW you will certainly have lots of storage space in this one!

  4. Wow, that's a nice garage. Congrats on building it. You will enjoy it.


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