Friday, March 30, 2012

Handmade Sink from Etsy!

The garage at our temporary home is beginning to bulge with items for the new house.

Yesterday an 18 wheeler brought the Sanijet tub for the master bathroom.

We'll be missing Mr. Biggs for more than just his companionship, because Attagirl couldn't bother barking to tell us that a strange man was wheeling a 6' tub down the gravel driveway and had left his diesel idling on the road in front of the house.  She thinks that every man exists solely for the purpose of throwing tennis balls and rubbing her stomach!  When Mr. Biggs had his hearing he'd never have let that sort of thing slide by without putting us on full alert!

But back to the bathtub, I've never had a whirlpool type tub before so this will be a treat.  The advantage of the Sanijet is that there is no piping to get cruddy since the jets work as sort of venturi nozzles and can be removed and cleaned from the inside of the tub.  I'll let you know how it works after the first bath next fall!

A while back I posted about the oak sideboard that will become the vanity for the hall bathroom and I was psyched when the sink which I had made for it arrived last week!  It's drop dead gorgeous!!!  I may go down to the basement just to wash my hands on a regular basis!

It was made by Diane Simon aka Ceramic Goddess over at Etsy and is prettier than I had thought possible.  Plus she packed it so well that I now have enough spare bubble wrap for the next move!  :)

If you aren't familiar with Etsy, it's a clearing house/marketplace for artists and crafters to sell their handmade items.  Sort of like a craft show via the internet;  the goods range from pottery, quilts, photography, paintings, knitted goods etc.... just about anything handmade you can imagine and also a great deal of vintage goods.  The percentage and listing fees for the sellers are much less than eBay so it seems that more independent artists sell at Etsy than eBay.

It's after midnight and Mr. Biggs is pacing to let me know that it's past his bedtime.  His internal clock is still working fine and he's being pretty insistent!


  1. really pretty bowl! i know you're getting anxious to get these things installed... :)

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  3. That is a beautiful sink and it would be great to see it when the complete install is done. What a great find!

  4. Beautiful sink, Grace, but are you saying Mr. Biggs is now a memory? I am so sorry. As you know, I'm facing that with Abbie and Gracie...each day I wonder, "is today the day?"

  5. Grace, that's a beautiful sink.
    Are you saying Mr. Biggs is now longer with you? I am so sorry; he'll be missed dreadfully!
    As you know I'm facing that with both Abbie and Gracie; each day I wonder, "is today the day?"


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