Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mock Convention 2012

The Washington and Lee Mock Convention rolls around once every four years.  

It's a tradition that began back in 1908!  

Student delegates hold a simulated Convention to elect the Presidential nominee for the party not currently in the White House.
It's a BIG deal!  This years speakers included Jon Huntsman, Haley Barbour, JC Watts, Mike Huckabee, George Allen, James Carville, Ann Coulter, Eric Cantor and many others including current and former Governors, Congressmen/women and Senators. 
W&L's Mock Con has an astounding success rate: 
predicting the correct nominee 18 times out of 24 elections 
and only wrong twice since 1948!  

One of those misses was when the students chose Hilary Clinton instead of Barack Obama. 

Yes, Clark was part of the mistaken delegation four years ago.....

I sort of wish they'd been right! 
Like most W&L programs, it's student organized and led.  The steering committees have been working for several years to get ready for Mock Con 2012;  students who are state chairmen have spent two years evaluating the politics within their state; banners, hats, flags and signs add to the realism of the event. 

They take it all very seriously:  near total involvement from the student body, no classes on Friday, four separate sessions culminating in the final roll call and.....

.... wait did I say that they take it seriously

Well, all except for the parade on Friday!  

There were floats from every single state and territory.  

Sarah Palin even made an appearance!  :)

A few of my favorites were Kentucky where the "Thoroughbreds" never stopped circling at a gallop.....

.......Around Churchill Downs!

Oklahoma had a covered wagon;  New Mexico, a UFO; South Dakota, a "living" Mt. Rushmore,

and Illinois???  ..........

Jake and Elwood came to town!!

What can I say about Utah, except that I wasn't the only one laughing aloud! 
Oh my!!

 Singing "Going to the Chapel" they got in quite a dig at Romney's Mormon roots 
with their "Sister Wives" float.

Saturday night, as I was cooking dinner I heard what I thought was thunder, 
but it was a stupendous 15 minute fireworks display to announce the conclusion of the final session and the commencement of the Presidential Gala.

This town and school really know how to do things right!  

Who won?  

It was Romney with 1781 votes followed by Gingrich (222), Santorum (151), Paul (130)

Guess the Sister Wives float didn't hurt him after all!

Who wouldn't want to live here?  It's a hoot!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed that. It looks like fun!

  2. that looks like a ton of effort and fun, too. it is neat to see young folks take a real interest in politics. (i did not when i was younger!)


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