Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

It's been a busy week here in Virginia, filled with meetings with subcontractors, more staining on the front porch, some social activities (a movie night, dinners out) and a little horseback riding.  Nothing earth shattering, just pleasant days and nights that have kept me away from the blog.

But I couldn't let today slide by without posting to say Happy Birthday to the world's greatest Jack Russell Terrier!  

Yes, Mr. Biggs turned 16 today!!!  

Oh, the changes over the past 16 years!  His young master has grown from a young 6th grader to a mature Manhattanite.  When Mr. Biggs first arrived, Clark who will be getting married this spring was only six years old.  Four of our other much loved dogs that Biggs shared the house with have passed away.... Nanny, Mercy, Aravis and Sammy.
One of my favorite Biggs photos.... visiting the Biltmore in 2006.  
The list of what he's seen and done with us as a cherished part of our family goes on and on.  Lots of water under the bridge.

He's been fading fairly quickly lately and we know that he won't make it to 17.  Several nights in a row of his seizures had us convinced last month that he wouldn't be celebrating this birthday.  But as soon as I begin thinking "This might be the week" he'll rally and just keep trucking on.  He's in no pain, just a little confused and slow, so we'll put up with the serious crimp that he's putting in our nightly hours of sleep as well as our ability to stay away from home for very long.

Yes, we're being inconvenienced but it won't last forever and he's earned some "over the top" TLC after all these years.
Atta wants you to know that she's helping take good care of him!  
He was our paper delivery service for almost 15 years, until his retirement last year!  Enjoy a break and watch the old fellow on one of his last paper runs in last year's birthday video......  


  1. oh, what a sweet, dear pup! i do hope he's able to slip away without too much trauma. it hurts, all the same, but i hate this part of pet parenting! God bless that sweet pup!

  2. I LOVE Mr. Biggs and his job. He does it perfectly despite his advanced age. Dogs adore having a job to do. We had a rotteweiler that would fetch the paper at the end of the driveway and bring it to the house..... Our neighbors were so jealous.. LOL Then I taught our second rottweiler to carry the mail from the street into the house. I did have to place the mail in his mouth but he LOVED that job. Now Rowdy, our Boxer carries a letter or two from the end of our drive, a long drive... up into the house. Just love dogs.

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Biggs. You have been a much loved pup I can tell. Hugs!

  3. Grace, what a saweet tribute to an obviously much loved pet. Happy Birthday to Mr. Biggs!

  4. He looks so wonderfully sweet! We've had Abbie, our Jack, since '97 and she was an adult when we found her. She's still going, as sweet and loving as she was when she first stole my heart.

  5. Oh, so enjoyed the paper delivery pick up video. This is always the hard part of loving these animals. Hope it happens easily for him.

  6. This cat lover was very moved. So much love and devotion all around!


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