Sunday, February 19, 2012

Riding at Sunrise

Surely no one thought that I was awake and riding at sunrise!  Not me!!
Instead we were riding at Sunrise Stables which is where we're now boarding the horses. 
I never blogged about the move even though it happened January 1st.  It was a difficult decision with pros and cons both ways.   We had hoped to stay at the other farm "forever" but Sarge's turnout situation wasn't what we wanted, so we decided that a move would be for the best. 
Though Sunrise is just a few minutes from town and abuts I-81, it still has about 5 miles of trails.  The only drawback to the trails is some interstate noise so you can't pretend you're in the wilderness!  But the footing is great and so the conditioning possibilities are awesome. 

Yesterday it was warm enough for us to ride without coats or jackets and with their wooly winter coats, both horses worked up a good sweat!  

Heading out through the hayfields and into the woods....
Does anybody remember the Berenstein Bears book "Spooky Old Tree"?  

Leaving the woods and back to the pastures.... do you know that until this moment I never realized that Cloud has stripes on her ears?!  
Is she part zebra?!

Across the creek.....

And down to the Maury River frontage... 

Sarge stepping along anxious to head home....

After the ride, Cloud drying off  in her polar fleece cooler with the farmhouse in the background.

Louisiana doesn't have a monopoly on changeable weather:  it was in the 60's when we rode yesterday

 and today.....

We're having our first snowfall!!  

Snow!!!  Finally!!!  I'm Loving It!!


  1. Glad you are getting your snow! I hope you have found a good home for the horses.

  2. It's been snowing off and on here all day... I think we have had 3 inches so far and there is the possibility of a couple more to come before the day is over. It's sure cold outside though.

  3. Cloud is so pretty... as are your trails!!!.. I'm envious!

  4. laughed at your opening line. yes, i thought you were up mighty early! :) glad you've found a good place for your 2 beauties! love the snow!!!

  5. What a nice ride! And snow??? Oh my!


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