Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Time Lapse!

Joe took some time to put together the latest time lapse of the house being built.

We've been taking photos from the same four vantage points from the beginning of construction.  After we shorten the time of each frame as time goes along, we should have a fun couple of minutes of rapid fire building in the final video.

Several friends have asked the 50 million dollar question of when it will be completed.  We're hoping for early summer, but who knows?  We are fine and happy in the rental home and though we are anxious to move in, we know that it will happen when it happens!

Enjoy the video!


  1. I am gonna say it again... OOOOH, the VIEW you will have every day.

    What a great thing, this time lapse. Wish we had done it for this old house. I'm not that tech savvy tho.

  2. those beams are just GORGEOUS! nice to see a dream becoming real. :)

  3. How can you wait until the house is ready? It is going to be ownderful!!!

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      I think you are set as "no reply" in your google settings, so I couldn't email you directly back. Hope you see this! The completion seems so far away that we aren't thinking too much about it!! It all still seems somewhat like a dream!

  4. Grace, this is simply amazing - both the construction progression and the spectacular view you will be enjoying. Thanks for the updates.

  5. You guys really thought ahead! Fascinating!!! And nothing but the best for your musical soundtrack. :) Many thanks! Linda & Dave


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