Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is It Just Me?

I made a quick run to the Kroger this morning to buy the fixings for a chicken gumbo which we shared with friends Barb and Rich.

After dinner we attempted to play bridge and by the time that we are all 100 years old, we may have figured out how to make an opening bid.  Seriously, this is one complicated game!

But back to my Valentines Day excursion to Kroger!   In addition to the balloons, cakes, candy and flowers, there were several display racks of these colorful tote bags commemorating famous couples.

Ummmmm.  Am I the only one who sees a problem here?  

Don't you think that there would be enough couples who have remained happily and faithfully married that it wouldn't be necessary to put divorced couples and those with chaotic relationships on the Valentine couples bag??!

I mean I'm "just sayin'"

Scarlet and Rhett?.... though I'd like to think that she got him back, but it was looking a little doubtful on the final page and movie frame.

Ava & Frank, Mick & Bianca, Elvis & Priscilla and Sonny & Cher were all divorced!

Didn't Frida and Diego Rivera have one affair after another?

I thought Bonnie & Clyde was ridiculous until I saw Kurt and Courtney.... I hardly know what to say about that one!!

Guess I'm just an old fogey, but who in the world comes up with these things?!


  1. Obviously it was designed by someone who is completely out of touch. Next year you and I should design it....

  2. um, yeah... really not too many famous good marriages to pick from, apparently...

  3. Well, the lesson to be learned here is love does not guarantee fidelity. But all these couples (at least the real ones) did love each other at some point...
    I think you should design the bag for next year... can you think of that many couples that stayed together - and at least seemed happy?

  4. Better question I have is "Who buys these bags?"

  5. Maybe they figured there weren't enough couples who didn't get divorced who people would recognize. On the other hand, THE BOSS and I are both "retreads" even if we have been together for a quarter century now. OMG do I suddenly feel old!


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