Saturday, February 25, 2012

Architectural Terms/ Rooflines

I had a discussion with our architect about something that had been bothering me for a several weeks:

  the proper term for what we've been calling our upper "porch."  

I knew that "porch" and "deck" weren't quite right.  

I was hoping that there was some way around it,  
but unfortunately my worst fears have been realized. 

We've built a "veranda"!  

Doesn't that sound pretentious?

Almost as though the people who live there should play bridge in their spare time!  :)

At any rate the timber framing "up there" has finally been completed!  It was quite a project and has delayed the metal roof by almost two months.  

No complaints from me about the delays since it looks spectacular.  

We've gone from this ......

To this.....
at long last being under cover and seeing the entire roof line of the house!

My fingers and toes are crossed that in about 2 weeks, the standing seam roof will be in place 
and the house will be totally watertight.  

Would anyone care to join me out on the veranda?  (I can't say it with a straight face!)


  1. LOL! i'll bring the mint juleps! :)

    your house looks massive now! so you live in a mansion with a veranda and a view!

  2. I'd love a sip of tea on your veranda! LOL.

  3. Ha ha ha ha... Now yoo iz a southern gal Miss Scarlett. LOL

  4. Pretentious????/ You live in the horse country of Virginia and actually RIDE your horses! You're required by state law to say things like veranda! You are, after all, a citizen of the Old Dominion, the oldest civilized colony upon these shores (the Spanish invaders down in Florida don't really count).

  5. Your veranda will be the perfect place to sip a cup of tea and feast your eyes on your spectacular view! It's looking fabulous!

  6. Heavens to Betsy, Grace! You have enough room, I believe, for all of us to hang out on the veranda. I'll bring a pitcher of Alabama Slammers while we rock in some chairs overlooking that awful view you have of the Virginia countryside (hehe!!). I would just pinch myself everyday wondering if this could be real. It's looking fantastic.


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