Monday, February 20, 2012

First Virginia Snow

We finally had the glorious snowfall that I've been waiting for since moving here last fall!  
Shortly after we returned home from church it began to snow in earnest 
and by bedtime we had a full six inches.

It was someone else's first VA snowfall too......
Out for a romp before dark.... snow still coming down!
Atta has only seen about 3 snowfalls and at 6 years old, she's still young enough to enjoy it.  
Mr. Biggs..... not so much!  

 Surveying the scene in the morning.....

Stalking rabbits is easier in the snow.....
 If you cock those big radar ears, you can hear a lot better with snow on the ground....

    It's mostly melted away now, but it was fun while it lasted!  


  1. oh, i'm lovin' the shots of your pup in the snow! they get so giddy, it is pure joy!

  2. Yep...that old sun came out today and *poof* there went a bunch of our snow!

  3. Grace, you certainly got more snow than we did on the VA eastern shore and we are surely jealous after seeing the photos here, even if it is gone now. Ours was gone once the sun came out!

  4. Atta's having a ball! Our two were out romping today but I was laughing too hard at buddy trying to keep his "equipment" out of the snow to shoot any pictures. Officially we got 8.5 to 9" in town but up here on the ridge it was at least 10" and half of it is re-refreezing right now! Driving THE BOSS to work this morning wasn't too bad but tomorrow will be an adventure.

  5. Love your snow pictures! We only got between 3 and 4 inches. but it was a wet snow and it stuck to trees, etc. It was beautiful!.


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