Monday, January 16, 2012

Will It Ever Snow?

When we first began planning our move to Virginia, we heard this question from almost every one of our Louisiana friends:  "How much will it snow up there?"  From their point of view, weather was a dealbreaker and no Louisianan in their right senses would move any place where it snowed.

As we settled in this fall, we could sense doubt when people learned that we were from Louisiana. "How are you going to handle the snow?" was usually asked pretty quickly and little knowing smiles would creep onto their faces that seemed to indicate that they were convinced that we Deep South transplants would cry surrender and flee back down I-81 at the first sight of snowflakes.

I was excited about the prospect of snow!  We were moving here partly for the four seasons, and the last time I checked winter was one of them!  I wanted to slush around, scrape my windshield, wear winter boots and shovel the sidewalk.

But friends, this is winter in the Shenandoah Valley this year:
View from our rental home 
Notice the green grass?!!!

There just might be a conspiracy theory going on.  Could talk of snow in the Shenandoah Valley be a ruse to keep folks from moving here??!!!!  Not only has there not been snow, but it hasn't been any colder than winter in Lousiana.

A few nights down in the teens, warming up in the day and many a day when we've been wearing short sleeves and no jackets.

Anyone not moving here because of snow should pack their bags and come on up!

Just to remind myself of what the white stuff looked like, I went back into iphoto and pulled up some photos of snow at our old house in Louisiana:  

Yep, that's Louisiana.  

Meanwhile here in Virginia:  
View of the new house from the lower field

View from the new driveway looking North
Front walkway and parking bay

View from the New House Porch
Vegetable garden and driveway in the snow

 I know that none of this is "normal" but I want to see some Virginia snow!!!


  1. I wouldn't mind a little Virginia snow myself! We usually have some, so it will be a strange winter indeed if we don't!

  2. Can't believe you haven't had any snow yet. My memories of being on "the mountain" in the winter are memories of serious snow!
    Noticed your blog by the camellia - Aunt Alice? Tea Garden Donkaleria?
    I am a transplanted Virginian, but on the Coast with lots of camellias in my yard.
    Good luck with your house and for snow.

  3. I think this winter's snow in VA is as rare as your winter snow in LA! BUT in my experience, the norm is 6 weeks of winter here: January and the first half of February. Not everyone agrees with me. However, December welcomes any snow that comes, and you associate it with Christmas, not winter. My crocuses begin to bloom by Valentine's Day. After that there's only spring snow. Also, I have counted 2 days of falling snow so far, though only a skiff of snow stuck briefly during the most recent snowfall, and it didn't stick at all the first time. My husband predicts that scraping the windshield will be fun for you only once. So glad to have you as our next-door neighbors!!! Linda & Dave


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