Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vanities: Saving Money and Adding Character!

I had hoped to find a piece of antique furniture to become the guest bath vanity but finding something 6' long and the right height was beginning to resemble the search for the holy grail, so I decided to give up and look for a new piece.
To my amazement, I snagged a deal on a Restoration Hardware 6' double vanity.  It was on final clearance and I added another substantial discount on top of that, so got it for about 70% off the original price.  I'll have to get a top, but it includes the sinks..... a great deal! 

It was my first furniture purchase from RH.... they're usually way too overpriced for me to consider.  I was impressed:  it's solidly built, arrived about 5 days after I ordered it, the packing was perfect and the "white glove" delivery men who brought it down to the basement of the rental were careful and polite.

Last week, I came home with this old treadle sewing machine cabinet to use as the half bathroom vanity.

You'd have thought I planned the room around it:  it's the perfect depth and width!

I don't like the decorative gee-gaws on the top, but they're easily removed.  I'll finish the top with Waterlox instead of adding marble or granite in order to keep more of the tiger oak visible.

It's just a tad short so Joe will add some 2" high bun feet under the bottom to boost it up to normal vanity height.

And finally my favorite is this oak piece with barley twist legs.  I instantly knew I had to have it and if I hadn't been able to retrofit it for a vanity, I'd have bought it anyway!  I wasn't leaving without it!!

 I found it over at the antique store next to Tractor Supply and only had to pay $325.00 for it!  It'll be the vanity for the downstairs hall bathroom.  

After I hit it with some mineral spirits, elbow grease and wax, the woodgrain should come back nicely.  The glare of the flash makes it hard to tell, but the round knobs, round "buttons" and the oval discs on the doors aren't metal they're all oak.... really a different looking piece!

Talented though our cabinet maker might be, we couldn't afford to pay him to make something as detailed as the antique pieces.  We've saved money and gotten something with personality and character!


  1. oy. now you're getting into the fancy stuff. :)

  2. Great finds. My home can't compete with what your end results will be. Enjoy the hunt and the coming together of your new house!

  3. Grace, what an eye you have. You would be a great antiquing buddy. Those are just beautiful pieces you found and what steal prices! You are absolutely going to love them for sure. Can't wait to see everything in its place.

  4. Wow! Can't think of much more than WOW. Beautiful stuff.
    Good shopping!


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