Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rafters Rising!

We were able to sit and enjoy the view from the upper porch a few days ago.

But yesterday there was so much scaffolding back there that it was hard to walk around.

Hoorah!  The upper rafters are going up on the back porch!!!
Joe on the Upper Porch
Once this final section of the house gets joined to the main body, the permanent roof can get put on.
The blue temporary film is beginning to degrade and it's time to get truly under roof and weathertight.

For all of my complaining about no snow here, it's been great for the construction schedule.  None of this could be happening if it were snowing and freezing.   
Rafters Going up/Painters Working on the Porch Ceiling Boards/Thumb Over Iphone Camera Lens!  
Learning from previous mistakes (the front porch), the rafters are getting a base coat of stain before being put into place!
Upper Porch Rafters Going Up.... Plus A Cloud that Looks Like Chimney Smoke!


  1. so cool! glad these rafters are pre-stained! love that cloud at the end! makes it very homey!

  2. I thought of you yesterday. I was at a Meetup 2.0 and there was a gal there from Lexington. :-) This is her site.

  3. This is going to be one large and very nice home and it's exciting to see it coming together online. Thanks for the updates and enjoy your weekend, Grace.


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