Wednesday, January 4, 2012

News from the Coffee Shop

Back again at Lexington Coffees for a quick hour on the internet before starting my day.  

At $4.00 per latte/post this blogging could get to be an expensive hobby!  

Out at the house,  temporary decking was put on the lower porch roof

Which meant..... that we've finally gotten to stand on the UPPER porch!!

When I turned the door handle and stepped out, it was pure magic.  I've been waiting for the back porch to appear for months. 

At last it isn't the kitchen door to nowhere!


  1. Grace it's looking wonderful! That porch is gonna be so nice on summer mornings with a cup of coffee. Glad you're back is feeling better!

  2. It looks lovely! I'm glad you had a nice holiday and I hope your back continues to improve.

  3. I am SO far behind with my blogging and visiting but I'm working on getting caught up at last. Nearly had a stroke when I opened Google reader and found over 400 posts waiting for me!

    The house is coming along nicely. won't be long now before you're enjoying that view every morning!


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