Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm Becoming My Mother

In more ways than one it seems that I'm becoming my mother.

I've got her bumpy veins on my blotchy hands.

The eyelids over my blue eyes are beginning to droop to the point where it's almost pointless to try and wear mascara or eyeliner.

A quick glance in the mirror will sometimes take me aback!

Physical similarities aside, on Friday I was thinking of her and wishing that she was alive to see how I was spending my day.

Who'd have thought?

I attended a four hour crash course on learning to play bridge!

For over 50 years until shortly before her death, my mother was part of a bridge group that met twice a month in the evenings.  The bridge ladies were among her closest friends and it was one of the few things that she did just for herself.  Oddly, I never remember her broaching the subject of me or my sister learning to play.

My prowess at Wizard had me in good stead when it came to playing the hands but the bidding was a whole 'nother story!  The entire topic of bidding was a tangled web of rules and hints that left me cross-eyed and wondering if Alzheimers had already set in.

By the close of the seminar, my mind was total spaghetti but I'm determined to give bridge a whirl.  I'll study my take-home manual, browse the internet for hints and there will be a couple of opportunities to get together with other new players soon.

Wish me luck because I'm going to need it!


  1. i can relate to seeing your mother in the mirror (and my older sisters, too). good luck w/ the bridge play!

  2. I have never been a card player or even game player for that matter! It makes my head spin just to think about it! Kudos to you for learning how to play!
    My mom has played cards with the same group every Wed night for 20 years! Most of the ladies are mom's to kids I went to school with!
    I hope we get "our snow" soon! I am waiting too...
    xo, misha

  3. Never tried bridge myself,but did try canasta and pinocle years ago. Solataire and its online variations are my preference these days. Good luck to you!


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